Grow Up

East of Eden

“And even childhood was no good anymore — not the way it was. No worry then but how to find a good stone, not round exactly but flattened and water-shaped, to use in a sling pouch cut from a discarded shoe. Where did all the good stones go, and all the simplicity?”

– John Steinbeck, East of Eden – ┬áChapter 12.

I came across that quote as I was reading yesterday. I read it within the first minute of my reading session. It literally made me stop and think about it, then write it down in my notebook. I hardly ever do that.

It’s strange when things like this happen at the exact time that they should.

I’m realizing there are things about myself that I need to change and that I’m not as grown up as I think I am. I’m always thinking about “finding a good stone” when really what I need to be doing is fixing how I go about doing things in my life. I’ve got to put childish things behind me. Starting with my attitude and how I handle certain situations.

It’s time I step up and get it worked out.