Summer Day Pondering

I feel like my head has been filled with thoughts all week with “profound ideas” that I’ve wanted to write about all week. Struggles, worries, hopes, aspirations, questions, etc. But right now, it just seems irrelevant.

It’s a gorgeous day out. Kristin is on her way back from Portland after a weekend trip and I’m excited to see her. I’ve learned how to make quesadillas that are almost as good as the one’s Zach made for us in Juneau. I’ve been enjoying a good book and the company of my roommates. Shared a beer with a co-worker last night after a late night shift at an event.

I can always find things that I’m stressed about or eager for, and often I find that it brings out the best of my writing. But right now, I don’t really care about those. I don’t care if this blog post isn’t profound or deeply introspective. I just want to think about good things that I have right now, not what I aspire to have.

I have so much in my life right now that I am so lucky to have. I need to keep that in mind at all times.

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