Oh, Look Who Graduated! [“hire me!” or some other witty grad-cap phrase]

Photo courtesy of my ultra high resolution camera phone, obviously

There are a couple of ways you’ve ended up here. Maybe you’re an avid follower of my blog (ha….ha….) or perhaps you scanned my cap at the Seattle Pacific University commencement ceremony on June 9. Wasn’t that so funny, how I had a qr code on my cap? What a clever lad I am!

In my educational pursuits, I’ve learned to adapt to this crazy thing called social media thing for work and recreation. I was thinking about the cliches of students having “hire me” written on their caps as a joke, and I thought it might be an interesting commentary to do it via QR code instead. With that said….hire me.

Ohhhhh don’t worry, I don’t really expect you too. Most of all I would love your support with my writing pursuits. This doesn’t mean money (but if you want to go into that topic, we can…), I mean just genuine, good ol’ fashioned American support of your fellow human being.

You see, before I got to SPU I decided I wanted to be a music journalist, open minded to the fact that it might change over time. I had never really tried journalistic writing but I’d seen Almost Famous enough to want to try. Within my first week of school I was assigned to cover a concert for SPU’s newspaper The Falcon. It was a small show at a cafe near campus with The Lonely Forest, Brier Rose, and Grant Geertsma. After interviewing Brier Rose, reexamining my notes, writing, and seeing the article in print – I knew I was hooked.

From there I’ve worked everything from the Features editor at The Falcon, interned as a blogger at KEXP.ORG, written for several local blogs and newspapers, and right now I’m working on an article for City Arts Magazine. I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without the support of my parents (who helped pay for tuition while I explored my education and less-than-financially-prosperous career choice), friends (who have also always encouraged me in my writing), professors and anyone who has ever read anything I’ve published.

I still have a long way to go. I have a lot more to learn. If my “writing career” was a novel, all of this would probably still be in the exposition. I have high hopes for whatever happens next. I am dedicated and love what I do.

So maybe this isn’t what you were hoping for when you scanned my cap. Sorry for the nostalgic rambling and shameless self promotion. I earnestly would love your support and feedback (I crave critiques!). If you know me, thanks for the impact you’ve made on my life – whoever you are I’m sure you’ve affected me in some way. If I don’t know you, I hope to get to know you soon or at least let you get to know me through my writing (is that selfish?)

To sum it all up: Thanks!


Dusty Effin Henry

Here are some of the outlets I write for as well as articles I’ve written that I’m proud of:

Ballard-News Tribune Blog


Letters to Musicians


“Welcome to the Monogamy Party” – Profile for Seattle Music Insider


“Not your average local band” – Profile of The Lonely Forest for The Falcon


“Votolato’s country introspection fills the night at Q Café” – Profile of Rocky Votolato for Queen Anne News


“Music, Faith Ideas Reflected by Songs” – Exploratory piece of local artists on faith in music for The Falcon